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There are 14 parts lists for the LM5360HXA-PRO:

Blade Break Assembly 09/02/2005
Blade Break Assembly 01/12/2011
Cutting Assembly 03/12/2004
Cutting Assembly 26/03/2012
Fitted with Torque Limiter.   1 page
Cutting Assembly 25/12/2006
Gear Case Assembly 01/12/2011
Gear Case Assembly 11/03/2014
Tooled Gear and Pinion   1 page
Gear Case Assembly 25/12/2006
Handle Assembly 03/12/2004
Handle Assembly 26/03/2012
Handle Assembly 25/12/2006
Wheel Assembly 25/12/2006
Wheel Assembly 01/02/2010
Wheel Assembly 07/02/2005
Blade Break Assembly 09/02/2005
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