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Danarm Brushcutters are fitted with either Kawasaki or Mitsubishi high quality 2-stroke engines. The shafts and gearboxes are manufactured to very high standards so that with occasional routine maintenance they give long and trouble free service.

Kawasaki Engined Brushcutters

Mitsubishi Engined Brushcutters
Technical Data
Long Reach Attachments

All DANARM brushcutters feature: -
Electronic Ignition Straight Shaft with Gearbox
Diaphragm Carburettor Automatic Centrifugal Clutch
Manual Recoil Starter Anti-vibration Features

Brushcutters with Kawasaki engines
VS256S-TJ27E & VS256W-TJ27E
Danarm VS256S-TJ27E Brushcutter
The well proven VS256 shaft is now fitted with the new TJ27E engine. This engine conforms to the latest EU emission regulations.
We offer the TJ27 with either loop or cowhorn shaft arrangement, both offer very good value for both the domestic and professional user. Both models are supplied with a tap & go head, 3-tooth blade and a single harness.
Two attachments are available to make this machine into a long reach hedgetrimmer or long reach chainsaw. Click for details
    parts list

    parts list

VS300S-TJ35E & VS300W-TJ35E
Danarm VS300S-TJ35E Brushcutter
This model is built for the operator who requires a more powerful, sturdy machine. It is available with either loop or cowhorn handlebars and is supplied with a 3-tooth blade, tap & go head head and a double harness with hip pad. VS300S-TJ35E
    parts list

    parts list

Danarm VF350K-TJ35E Low-Vibration Brushcutter
The VF350K-TJ35E has very low vibration levels and is supplied with a full padded harness with hip pad so is ideal for use for long periods. As an added feature, the handlebars can be turned in line with the shaft for ease of transportation. This model is supplied with a tap & go head and 3-tooth blade. The Kawasaki TJ35E engine also benefits from a easy-start recoil starter.     parts list

Danarm AS450W-TJ45E Brushcutter
The AS450 shaft assembly with a full anti-vibration system and heavy duty harness is ideal for professional users who operate machines for long periods. This machine is supplied with a bump feed head and a three tooth blade.     parts list

Danarm VF500K-TJ45E Brushcutter
The VF500K Brushcutter is designed for professional users as it is comfortable to use and gives very low vibration exposure. This machine is supplied with full padded harness, 3-tooth blade and tap & go head. The handlebar can be loosened and turned in line with the shaft for ease of transportation and the 45.6cc Kawasaki engine means that it is powerful enough to tackle any job.     parts list

Brushcutters with Mitsubishi engines
Danarm VS400W-TB43 Brushcutter
Fitted with a powerful 43cc Mitsubishi engine, this model is suitable for use on thich vegetation and for large areas. The ergonomic handlebars and full padded harness with hip pad make it a comfortable machine to use. It is supplied with a tap & go head and 3-tooth blade.     parts list

Technical Data
Model Handle Type Engine
Capacity (cc)
Vibration (M/S) Dry Weight
VS256S-TJ27E Loop 26.3 4.8 1.9 5.1
VS256W-TJ27E Cowhorn 26.3 4.0 3.7 5.4
VS300S-TJ35E Loop 34.4 1.7 5.7 6.5
VS300W-TJ35E Cowhorn 34.4 2.8 3.9 6.8
VF350K-TJ35E Cowhorn 34.4 2.4 1.6 7.8
AS450(W)-TJ45E Cowhorn 45.4 4.6 4.8 8.0
VF500K-TJ45E Cowhorn 45.4 2.1 2.0 8.8
VS400W-TB43 Cowhorn 42.7 6.2 6.5 7.7
Figures from Kaaz Technical department

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