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Long Reach Attachments
Danarm Long Reach Attachments

The EH22 and the M3107 attachments will fit the current range of Kaaz/Danarm VS256 Bruschcutters. The EH22 will also fit Kaaz, Danarm and Paicesetter AS250 (TG20, TG24, TH23, TH26, TL20, TL23 and TL26) and the Danarm 18EVIP and 24EVIP series.


EH22 Long Reach Hedgetrimmer Attachment
M3107 Long Reach Chainsaw Attachment
Long Reach Hedgetrimmer Attachment

  - 535mm (21") cutting length
  - 135 degree turning arc
  - Easy adjustment with ratcheted lever
  - Three greasing points to enable
    lubrication where and when required
  - Easy and quick change can be made from
    Bruschcutter to Hedgetrimmer.
  - Dry weight: 1.86Kg

Large degree of adjustment enables the top of the hedge to be cut whilst standing away from the base of the hedge. The sides of the hedge can be trimmed without needing to stand in direct line with the hedge.
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Long Reach Pruner Attachment

  - 250mm (10") cutting length
  - Chain: 3/8" x 0.50 (90s)
  - Large oil tank capacity
  - Easy to change from
    Bruschcutter to Pruner.
  - Dry weight: 750g

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